T700 Boroscope Inspection Kit

The T700 has a 100% customer acceptance rate, ITI has built the T700 to GE specifications, for GE T700 helicopter engines. Warrantied and Made in America, ITI supplies and services inspection kits to the military and civilian platforms. Learn more about ITI’s T700 Boroscope Inspection Kit here.

ITI Handheld xP Videoscope Series

ITI’s series of xP (x-changeable Probes) offer a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of applications. With 360o articulation, LED illuminated Camera with superior imaging capabilities, ITI’s handheld Videoscopes are a cut above the rest. Read more about the specifications here.

ITI Handheld Videoscope Series

ITI’s handheld (HH) Videoscope series offers high value as a wireless, single-hand operable Videoscope. With its 4-way, joystick controlled articulation, camera with LED illuminated superior imaging and video output, this feature rich Videoscope offers top quality. Find out more about the Handheld Videoscope Series here.