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V5LE Non-Conductive Videoscope System

The Series 178708 Videoscope was designed to the specifications of a major federal agency specifically for bomb technicians. These flexible articulation scopes deliver clear, bright images for actionable video intelligence.


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  • Non-conductive probe jackets that enhance operator safety in EOD investigations.
  • Features ProTecht®, ITI’s patented overtorque protection system for smooth articulation control and longer probe life.
  • All V5LE model videoscopes have four-direction articulation.
  • Choose from a wide range of working lengths, forward line of sight and a fixed 80° field of view.

Developed specifically for bomb technicians in intensive EOD/contraband search scenarios, the V5LE is the most advanced videoscope on the market, providing maximum safety for the operator.

  • Model 178708 V5LE Videoscope
  • Non-Conductive Articulating Insertion Probe
  • 6" High-Resolution Color LCD Screen & Camera Control Unit
  • Integral White, IR and Blue High Intensity LED Light Sources
  • V5 Documentation System with Touch Screen Control