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UVU Videoscope System

Revolutionizing critical UV inspection procedures for areas that cannot be reached with any other UV inspection system. 

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Data Sheet Operations Manual

OverviewKit Includes

With lengths up to 6 meters and 4-way articulation, the UVU Videoscope System from ITI has been specially designed to enable easy access into hard-to-reach areas in order to identify fluorescent magnetic particle and dye penetrant indications.

Ideal for power generation, aerospace, and aircraft applications, the ITI UVU Videoscope System means significantly less time is needed for the inspection process, while reliability of the process is greatly increased.

The system’s LED UV lights are positioned in the tip of the scope, where they meet or exceed all current specifications for intensity at relative distances. In addition, the internal high-definition camera connects directly to the computer – the digital data displayed can be recorded, saved, or simply and quickly evaluated.

Reliable, portable, easy to setup and install, the UVU Videoscope System from ITI is the only comprehensive system of its kind available on the market today that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a variety of inspection applications. It eliminates the need for an external light source or a light guide with fiberoptics that might not be capable of transmitting the degree of UV intensity required for optimum results.

  • Videoscope
  • Control Box
  • Power Supply for Control Box
  • Computer Available
  • Operation Manual
  • Case
  • Foam

Optional Parts:

  • Measuremant Software