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UVU Video Inspection System

Model 162010

Precise, accurate, internal inspection of aircraft landing gear surfaces is critical. ITI UVU™ Video Inspection System has been developed especially for this purpose. Help protect and save lives with this reliable, user-friendly video inspection system.

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  • Extension to 7.6 feet (available extendables optional)
  • Portable
  • Both UV and white light LEDs for illumination
  • Easy switch between Visual and UV Illumination Modes
  • Computer optimized optical lens elements with resolution synchronized to the video camera
  • Centering collars in many sizes, depending on actual inside diameter of the component requiring inspection.

Designed to eliminate the need for mirrors or cumbersome UV lamps, the UVU portable system increases reliability while it decreases inspection time. It is ideal for viewing everything from smaller nose wheels to jumbo main landing gear, and accommodates both Visual and Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspections. It can also be used for applications such as Fluorescent Penetrant inspection and Fluorescent Leak Detection.

An internal HD digital camera connects directly to a computer and provides a high-resolution digital video display. The computer can either be owned by the customer or obtained through ITI, which offers industrial touch screen tablets and compatible commercial laptops.

System software operates all the inspection modalities and can store and record digital video images; optional measurement software is available.