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Peephole Camera

Model 176310

See what’s happening in the hallway from behind your closed door.

Designed for video observation and recording, the Peephole Kit shows you what’s in the hallway – when you really need to know and had better not approach the door to find out. The unit attaches to an ordinary interior or exterior door peephole. You can see what it sees, safely, on the video monitor, and you can record it for future reference.

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Data Sheet Operation Manual


The Peephole Kit installs in seconds and connects to standard 110-Volt outlets with AC power cables or 9V
battery. It operates with a black and white low-light video camera equipped with a special video lens.

Model 176310 Kit Includes:

  • Option 1: Customer Supplied Monitor:
    • (1) Peephole Lens with intregal mounting flange
    • (1) CCD Camera with a cable and junction box
    • (1) AC to DC Power Supply
    • (1) 9V Battery Adapter (Battery not included)

Video Specifications:

  • 380 TV Lines, 0.5 Lux B&W, 9VDC
  • Available in NTSC or CCIR, 110 or 220 VAC