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Non-Conductive Semi-Flexible Fiberscope

Model 174700

Designed with non-conductive probe jackets to enhance user safety in EOD/IED investigations, the Series 174700 Semi-Flexible Fiberscopes deliver high-resolution images from access points as small as 2 mm.

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  • Available in five diameters and several working lengths
  • A forward line of sight and a fixed field of view

Like all ITI instruments, these fiberscopes yield bright, sharp images for visual or video observation and recording. For ease of use, ITI’s quick disconnect eyepiece allow easy conversion from video to C-Mount for video applications.

  • Series 1747XX Nonconductive Semi-Flexible Fiberscope
  • Model 125500/6 Fiberoptic 6' Light Guide
  • Model 125060 AC/DC Light Source
  • Model 126500 Eyeguard
  • AC Power Supply & DC Battery
  • 115VAC Charger
  • P/N 408-078 Spare Lamp