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Non-Conductive Articulating Fiberscope

Model 177700

Designed with non-conductive probe jackets to enhance safety in EOD/IED investigations, these flexible articulating fiberscopes deliver clear, bright images from access points as small as 4 mm.

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  • Five available diameters and working lengths to 3 meters offer users products that fit most requirements.
  • A forward line of sight and a fixed 40°, 60° or 100° field of view.

Featuring ProTecht®, ITI’s patented overtorque protection system for smooth articulation control and longer probe life, all fiberscopes have four-direction articulation, ensuring complete coverage of the space being investigated.

  • Model 177700 Fiberscope
  • Model 125060A Light Source
  • Model 126500 Eyeguard
  • P/N 408-078 Spare Lamp
  • AC Power Supply
  • 115VAC Charger