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HD Digital Camera System

Model 126370

The High Definition Digital Camera System allows you to view, store and manipulate borescope images on a Windows 8 HD tablet computer, or most any current computer. This is adaptable for use with any of our flexible, rigid, or micro borescopes. The eyepiece to our boresocpes are easily removed and the HD camera can be simply snapped on to the eyepiece via a C-Mount camera adapter, quickly and easily. The USB connection cable from the camera then plugs into a standard USB computer port. The result is a vibrant and dynamic image, in real time.

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OverviewKit Includes


  • HD video with any rigid or micro borescope
  • Easy to use pre-loaded software
  • USB connection
  • Camera connects directly to the computer
  • Image quality
  • Low cost
  • Store high resolution video and still images
  • Camera mounts directly to scope
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Optional – measurement software capable


  • USB connection
  • Software
  • Image quality
  • Adaptable to flexible or rigid standard scopes
  • 6' USB connection cable
  • Camera software
  • C-mount borescope eyepiece to camera
  • Acer or compatible high performance tablet (w/ Windows 8)
  • Computer charger/adapter, 110V
  • 24W high intensity
  • 6' fiberoptic light guide
  • Training manual