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Do you need a custom-built scope that other manufacturers can’t (or won’t) make for you? Take advantage of our 50+ years as a manufacturer of robust, high-precision remote viewing devices. Our capabilities include traditional scope designs employing rigid or fiber optics and rigid or flexible articulating working lengths. Video-based designs using CCD or CMOS video cameras are also available. Add instrument channels, air and water lines for specialized functions.

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Visual Capability:

Would your device perform better if you could see what it is doing and where it is going? Don't operate blindly – add visualization capability to your medical device!

  • Integrate optical trains or camera systems into your medical device
  • View through an eyepiece, built-in LCD screen, or remote monitors
  • Record and archive stills and video files for future reference

Minimally Invasive Delivery:

Do you have a specialized technology that needs to be delivered precisely and reliably, with minimal injury, stress, or trauma to the patient? ITI capabilities include:

  • Flexible articulating probes with specialized channels for your proprietary instruments, tools, drugs, laser fibers, ultrasonic arrays, etc.
  • Two-or four-way articulation activated via knobs, levers, or electronic servo motors
  • Illumination via traditional medical light sources or compact LED-based systems
  • Potential applications in Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery), and Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Product Development Information ›

Here are several products that the ITI Medical Division has been involved with in developing and manufacturing:

Flexible Articulating Fiberscope

  • Customer is a distributor in the veterinary field.
  • Product is a four-way articulating scope with an instrument channel as well as air and water lines for insufflation and irrigation.
  • Application is for veterinary diagnostic and surgical uses.

Camera-Dedicated Rigid Otoscopes

  • Customer is a veterinary device distributor.
  • Products are rigid otoscopes coupled directly to 1/3" CCD video cameras.
  • Application is for diagnoses of ear infections.

Custom-Built Rigid Ureteroscope

  • Features include instrument channel, air line, camera or eyepiece viewing.

Built-In Otoscope

  • Customer is a start-up company in the otolaryngology field.
  • Device is an otoscope built into the customer’s proprietary hand piece.
  • Application involves detecting pediatric ear infections using ultrasound.

Intubating Videoscope

  • Customer is a Doctor-Inventor in the emergency medicine field.
  • Device is an intubation videoscope with articulating tip and built-in LCD monitor.
  • Application is for difficult airway intubations.
  • Product is used to help doctor visualize the patient’s anatomy during the intubation process.

Flexible Articulating Gastroscope

  • Customer is an established multinational medical device and healthcare company.
  • Product is a flexible gastroscope for use in ultrasound applications.
  • Application involves high-resolution imaging of the heart.

Rigid Articulating Laparoscope

  • Customer is a device manufacturer based in Europe.
  • Application is for general surgery purposes.
  • Product is a rigid laparoscopic probe with a four-way articulating tip.

Flexible Articulating Guide

  • Customer is a medical device start-up company.
  • Application is obesity control.
  • Device is a hollow flexible probe with four-way articulation to help customer deliver special components to the patient’s stomach.